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My STC class pics posted on this blog (links: here and here) a few months ago drew enthusiastic response from nostalgic alumni…

  • Do you know what happened to___?
  • Would you have the address of ___?
  • Is Miss ___ still around?
  • I was ___’s classmate in high school…
  • We are planning an STC alumni lunch, would you like to join?
  • I was in IV B, can you lend me some money…

I realised there were all these people who wanted to hear from, or at least, about, their old classmates – and they were all banking on me! The obvious thing to do was to post information about the school Alumni Association on the blog.


I convinced a junior (she kept on insisting that she was anti-social) to drop in at the school to collect the details…anticlimax…the LP School doesn’t have an alumni association. The good news is that the school maintains a database of alumni addresses going back to the ‘60s. Wow! OK, most of the addresses would not be valid, yet something to start with.


I decided to launch an alumni association for St. Teresa’s Convent LP School. By then Anti-social – let us call her Sonya – had de-volunteered, and I turned to Sangham.


Typical responses (I did not make these up):

  • “You want to jam with 42-year old women? Count me in if the daughters would come”
  • “Hey, I always wanted to find out if ___ took that finger out of his nose”
  • “The ‘girls’ would be more worried about the grandchild’s primary class than their own”
  • “The guys would all be battling mid-life crises (MLC) – except of course, the super successes. I wouldn’t want to meet any superstars, and the MLC cases would not want to meet anybody
  • “Wow! I would do anything to meet that hot ___ once again”

One of the more articulate juniors, a blogger-in-waiting, mailed me her vision of the primary school alumni get-together. Over to her…“A hall full of grown ups, more men than women; some chirpy, some nervous, some with their spouses, some without. One of the organizers announces that it was time for introductions. Each goes to the stage and gives a brief intro. Applause follows… or some comments. Some listen, some do not. Some of them who knew each other before have already formed themselves into groups and are busy talking. After that food is served. They all eat amidst some small talk. End of the reunion.


End of Alumni Plans.

Sometimes, when i get this urge to blog, but my brain doesn’t share my enthusiasm, i hit people with my old photo album. Tonight is one of those nights.

On display are my Class III and Class IV pics. I had posted my Class I pic earlier. In fact, i had wanted to post all my St. Teresa’s pics together, but i could not locate the Class II pic, so i posted the Class I pic, went searching for the Class II pic, but…now you know.

Class III D

  • Sister Grace was our Class Teacher
  • Our class was on the second floor, and I spent a lot of time watching hawks ride the thermals over chanda kolam

4th Row: Paulose, Gilbert??, Praveen, Mahesh, Anand, Pradeep??, Paulson, Warren, Justin??, Anil/Sunil??, Joseph, Danny, Kannan
3rd Row: Benny, Sreekumar, Reny??, Ram??, Aju, Leni, Milton, Me, ??, Jayashree (Daughter of Wisdom Maash), ??, ??, ??
2nd Row: Roshni, Sheila, ??, Shanthi, Helen??, ??, Sheeba
Sitting: ??(Milton’s sis?), ??, ??, Nisha, Sheeba??, Teacher??, Sweety, ??, ??, ??

Class IV D

  • Sister Bumbina’s Class

The usual suspects…

Plus Jojo Jose (Rajagiri 1981, Row 5, 7th from left), Shakeel (REC 1987, Row 4, 2nd from right) and Jacob/Varghese (To Shakeel’s left, Benny’s cus).

I would like to hear from my old classmates. In case you know somebody in the pics above, or if YOU are in the pics above, please get in touch with me…

And I would like The Class of ’75 to check out The Class of ’57 by Statler Brothers – Lyrics, Video(tribute )

From Ammankovil Road Archives…

I was in Class I D.
I D-Vandi – that used to be a major gag in those days.
I am in the last row, second from right. The first guy in the row is Praveen PP (Rajagiri ’81). Peter Milton Lopez and Paulose are next to him. In the 4th row, Benny George (Jos Brothers) is 3rd from left and Sreekumar (REC ’87), 8th. The last three guys in the row are Anand, Mahesh (Rajagiri ’81) and the famous Varghese G. Paul.

In the 3rd row, Shanthi is 2nd from left. Roshini is extreme left on row 2 (daughter of Captain Thomas, used to live in Karakkamuri). Seated on the ground, extreme right is Nisha Mukundan (daughter of Dr. Mukundan). The girl next to her is Sweety, who gave me chicken pox when we were in class IV.

Click here for the photo displayed on the noticeboard when I first got first rank in first standard.


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