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During our trip we stopped at some beautiful churches…

I will not hit you with Pondy-Tranquebar photos for some time.
Hope you enjoyed the trip…

Driving through Pondicherry, i inadvertently interrupted a movie-shoot. Though the crew shouted at me, i got a good pic of the leading lady.

Click for a larger pic

Annie, Ro and I along with Johny and family went to Velankanni last weekend, and on the way back visited churches in Tranquebar and Pondicherry, and Matrimandir in Auroville. 700 km in two days. Too tired to write. But then, a pic is worth…

tranguebar-fort.jpgSometimes you get it right,
sometimes you don’t…auroville-reception.jpg

(click on the image to enlarge)

Read the British Airways hoarding first…


The view from our hotel. A Composit image.


Pattar’s wedding. Crazy bash in Trivandrum Club. Early morning muhurtham. Guess only Mookkan reached the hall in time. After the wedding we pushed off to Munnar. 7331 and Jose’s car. For most of the journey, Biju was sleeping (he was driving, of course); he was finding it difficult to sleep when somebody else drove.

We stayed in some PWD guest house. Another big night – ‘I saw the Sign’ was the flavour of the season. Next morning, we were so exited to see a koladu that we almost drove off the cliff; round the next curve, 100 kolads…

That was Sangham’s last big trip. Jobs, marriages, whatever…we never went on a ‘big’ trip after that – perhaps it is time we did. What say?

I was always in touch with Vinu, except for that brief while when he went back to REC (and you know what happened to him there). Over the years, whenever we jammed, we would talk about Paramu’s whereabouts – he had this habit of disappearing from our batch radar every few years.

Then two years ago, Paramu resurfaced in Chennai. It was like old times, we dropped in at Vinu’s place at midnight, woke up Paul at 2 am, partied till dawn – too bad Kathi was not around…


The more we change…
Civil Suresh, Appappan, Paramu, Babu, Vinu, Outside D-321, 1987

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