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We have once again demonstrated our commitment to bring the downtrodden masses into the mainstream by launching the world’s first illiterate-friendly coin.

Mera Bharat Mahan!

(I can’t wait to see the 50 paise coin)

Check out the mallu version of Queen’s I Want to Break Free.

(Click on the above link to open an Odeo player window, click ‘play’ to start the song. It’s worth the hassle. Believe me…)

In case you know who the pink-lungi-wearing, card-carrying, beef-eating genius behind the track is, please let me know.

Manoj the Malayalee inspired this post. Thank you.

ET, Chennai, had carried this story on mallu cuisine a few years ago…

I can imagine the scene, the good looking trainee journo being enlightened by some chettan: Olan, Thoran, Kalan, Valsan…Boo Haa Haa!

John Sir was our Malayalam teacher in Rajagiri…

Man 1: “Odd, isn’t it? Blind people on a sightseeing trip.”
Man 2: “Not really. There’s nothing to see.”

From “Things actual people actually said somewhere, captured by an eavesdropping playwright in San Francisco (or his spying friends)”. Check it out…

Walking down MG Road last week, we kept passing these sigh-inducing mallu babes…and finally I lost control, “Where were all these girls when I was looking for a bride?”

“In playschool”, my wife deadpanned.

Some friends of mine from Chennai went to Sabarimala last year. Late in the night, on the way to the temple, while all the swamis were asleep, there was this burning smell and the mallu driver stopped the van.

He opened the bonnet and found a coil had short-circuited. One by the one, the swamis woke up, and the guru swami asked the driver, “Ennachu?”

The mallu replied “Coil erinjitte!”

“Andava! Koil erinjidicha!! Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa!!!”

He He

Read the British Airways hoarding first…


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