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In my office, the moment I get real close to somebody that person would either get a transfer or quit. I have seen this happen so many times – with Yashwanth, Ravi, Jimmy, Senior, Chaina, Gambhir, Anshul, Shruthi, Sharat, Kajal, Sajeev, Johny, Kumz, Jose, Venky…Last month the curse crossed the road…Srini, a friend who works in an office near mine quit. This post is dedicated to him (and of course, to all the friends listed above).

It was Srini who introduced me to the world of ‘inspired posters’. And posters kept me going, perhaps more than anything else, through 2009. It also took up more time than anything else in 2009 – I became am IMPA addict, downloaded 15 years worth of posters, spent hours peering at thumbnails trying to identify ‘stuff that looks like other stuff’ (that explains the glasses), man, did I have a good time…

One of Srini’s early posts was about art-inspired posters. That sent me scurrying to my art books collection. I did find a few (perhaps farfetched) similarities…


David Brinkley

William Hogarth

I also stumbled upon a painting by Degas, Spartan Girls Provoking Boys. Bingo! Doesnt that look like Goya’s famous massacre painting.

Edgar Degas. Spartan Girls Provoking Boys. c.1860-62

Francisco Goya. The Third of May. 1814. (flipped for comparison)

Googling for Goya brought me to the blind flaneur who had posted on Goya. I left a comment about the apparent similarities in composition, and the flaneur (love him) wrote on his site – “Babu has a discerning eye, and his website documents many resonances in contemporary visual rhetoric”. Wow, that sounds much better than ‘stuff looks like other stuff’.

So here goes…

Jai Shree Ram!
Adios Amigo!!
Thanks Chittapps.

Doctor – Vaidyanathan
Dentist – Pallavan
Financier – Dhanasekaran
Cardiologist – Irudhayaraj
Paediatrician – Kuzhandaisamy
Marriage Counsellor – Kalyanasundaram
ENT Specialist – Neelakandan
Diabetes Specialist – Sakkarapani
Nutritionist – Arogyasamy
Magician – Mayandi
Builder – Sengalvarayan
Painter – Chitraguptan
Agriculturist – Pachaiyappan
Horticulturist – Pushpavanam
Landscaper – Bhuminathan
Beggar – Pichai
Bartender – Madhusudhan
Makeup Man – Singaram
Milk Man – Paul Raj
Dairy Farmer – Pasupathi
Dog Groomer – Naayagan
Snake Charmer – Nagamurthi
Mountain Climber – Yezhumalai
Javelin Thrower – Velayudam
Weight Lifter – Balaraman
Sumo Wrestler – Gundu Rao
Bowler – Balaji
Spin Bowler – Thirupathi
Driver – Sarathy
Attentive Driver – Parthasarathy

Joel print version.indd


Everybody said a post on RSS would increase traffic to my blog, so here goes…


RSSlogoIs it only I?

TIME hit the ‘publish’ button before all the data was in. Check out WHENTK and EXAMPLETK in the screenshots below. Link (PS, a day later – TIME corrected the pages)

Gyan – TK  is a place marker used in drafts of an article to indicate missing information. It’s short for tokum, which is the intentional misspelling of “to come,” as in “more info to come.” –

Time to come back and complete this?

When TK 5k

Example TK 5k


Question: What document is required from the Indian Consulate, to enable me to apply for a visit / residence visa for my family member?

Answer: To apply for a visit / residence visa for any of your family member, Dubai Immigration needs the following documents duly attested by the Consulate General of India, Dubai

  1. Marriage certificate (incase of spouse)
  2. Birth certificate (incase of children)
  3. Death certificate (incase of parents)

Personal presence of the applicant along with the valid passport in original with photocopy (first / last and valid visa page).

FORM : SA(misc)-VII (7)

Attestation Fee AED 40
Service Fee AED 8
Total Payable AED 48

Document is processed the same day within 30-45 minutes of submission

From Consulate General of India, Dubai website. Thanks Sajeev.

A few months ago i stumbled upon this amazing site,, very mallu, very funny, liked it so much i did a post, ok, copy-pasted a scrap into a post, and today that post accounts for 30% of the traffic to my site.

Here is another mallu scrap, more of a tribute to the guys behind the site than a desperate attempt to increase traffic…



If you liked the sample check out Very mallu, very funny.

These mallus!

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