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In my office, the moment I get real close to somebody that person would either get a transfer or quit. I have seen this happen so many times – with Yashwanth, Ravi, Jimmy, Senior, Chaina, Gambhir, Anshul, Shruthi, Sharat, Kajal, Sajeev, Johny, Kumz, Jose, Venky…Last month the curse crossed the road…Srini, a friend who works in an office near mine quit. This post is dedicated to him (and of course, to all the friends listed above).

It was Srini who introduced me to the world of ‘inspired posters’. And posters kept me going, perhaps more than anything else, through 2009. It also took up more time than anything else in 2009 – I became am IMPA addict, downloaded 15 years worth of posters, spent hours peering at thumbnails trying to identify ‘stuff that looks like other stuff’ (that explains the glasses), man, did I have a good time…

One of Srini’s early posts was about art-inspired posters. That sent me scurrying to my art books collection. I did find a few (perhaps farfetched) similarities…


David Brinkley

William Hogarth

I also stumbled upon a painting by Degas, Spartan Girls Provoking Boys. Bingo! Doesnt that look like Goya’s famous massacre painting.

Edgar Degas. Spartan Girls Provoking Boys. c.1860-62

Francisco Goya. The Third of May. 1814. (flipped for comparison)

Googling for Goya brought me to the blind flaneur who had posted on Goya. I left a comment about the apparent similarities in composition, and the flaneur (love him) wrote on his site – “Babu has a discerning eye, and his website documents many resonances in contemporary visual rhetoric”. Wow, that sounds much better than ‘stuff looks like other stuff’.

So here goes…

Jai Shree Ram!
Adios Amigo!!




i-m-not-there-poster-2Sorry, be back soon.


Pink Chaddi Campaign Blog

Thanks for dropping by.
Hope you found something here that you liked, and will visit again soon.

Have a great year.

The blog address is now

All newbie bloggers pass through the in-love-with-the-hit-counter phase. At least I did. It took me a few months to realise that the count doesn’t matter, and the important thing is Google Ads cash, and ok, the connections you make online.

Yesterday while checking my stats, i noticed the top ‘Referrer’ was, followed the link and…from their blog…”If you were to comment on a blog right after the webmaster published (updated) it, you would get a faster response, because most likely the webmaster is still online, and shocked to see that someone has commented so quickly.  This is either very simple, or i’m an advanced human.”

Guess it allows readers and bloggers to chat, comments being so off-line. Anyway, i submitted my blog at, and my hit-counter started doing that Kwaja Mere Kwaja thing, very fast.

Thank you Cheru Jackson Blog

“I received a letter this morning from a young stranger named John Figler, of Crown Point, Indiana…


…John Figler is a law-abiding high-school student. He says in his letter that he has read almost everything of mine and is now prepared to state the single idea that lies at the core of my life’s work so far. The words are his: “Love may fail, but courtesy will prevail.”


This seems true to me – and complete. So I am now in the abashed condition, five days after my fifty-sixth birthday, of realizing that I needn’t have bothered to write several books. A seven-word telegram would have done the job.




That was Kurt Vonnegut in Jailbird.


Last week a stranger who read my blog ‘end-to-end’ summed me up as follows:

  • A great friend of your friends
  • You love yourself
  • Young at heart
  • Loves your son dearly and probably his mother too
  • Used to be a flirt, now like the company of women
  • Like wine and dine
  • Lazy
  • You’ve a good sense of humour
  • A voracious reader
  • A movie buff
  • Lover of music
  • A happy soul at the end of the day

I needn’t have bothered to write all those posts. A dozen bullet points would have done the job.



Empire of the Sun is a top-ten book in my list. The book, which I started reading while travelling to Lonavala for a training programme, kept me occupied through the journey and through the training programme. Unputdownable. (Read the book. The Spielberg movie is too feel good, but I have to admit it, a visual treat)


I bought The Kindness of Women because the blurb claimed it was a sequel to Empire of the Sun. It is actually a novel ‘tightly’ based on the author’s life. Great narrative structure – His story (history?) revealed through accounts of his interactions with the women in his life – mother, nanny, girlfriend, wife, wife’s sister, neighbour, girlfriend, girlfriend…


I am an expert on the kindness of women. Through my adult life I always had around me women who played the role of best friend, confidante, agony aunt, punching bag, anchor, inspiration…but this post is not about them, this post is about blog stats. Last week my page-views crossed 8000, thanks largely to the on-screen and off-screen adventures of Meera Nandan, Vimala Raman, Arya Menon, Anaitha Nair. The kindness of women!



Akismet has stopped 2034 spam comments in the last 10 months, from Zacharias, Ari, Augustinos, Kyriacos, Skyros, Marios, Hippocrates, Philippos, Stylianos, Kyriakos, Stratis, Giannis, Dimitri, Orestis, Periklis, Giatas, Efstratios, Christodoulos, Antonis, Makarios, Demetrios, Yiannis, Herakles, Constance, Achilles, Nicolas, Arion, Themestoclis, Stephanos, Nick, Alexios, Athanassios, Costa, Aiakos, Gustas, Aniketos, Tassos, Thanasis, Dimitris, Marinos, Sotirios, Stelios, Arsenios, Platon, Nikolaos, Demetrios, Miltiades, Gustas, Augustinos, Timotheos, Nicolaon, Ilias, Isaakios, Othon, Giorgos, Stamatis, Evripides, Herakles, Panicos, Valerios, Aristides, Stelios, Boreas, Giatas, Anninos, Kostantinos, Grigorios, Anastasios, Panayotis, Kharilaos, Konstandinos, Giatas, Nikolaos, Georgios, Sotirios, Vasilis, Arion, Platon, Nikolaos, Demetrios, Miltiades, Gustas, Augustinos, Timotheos, Ilias, Othon, Nicolaon, Isaakios, Giorgos, Stamatis, Evripides, Herakles…and a thousand other Greek bhais.

Why me? Why Greece? Was it the Kuriakose-part that got all the geeks excited? Will I ever know?

True knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing
Socrates, Greek philosopher

Last Friday, when I was on 6041 heading to Kochi, my hit counter crossed 6041 (OK, I was on 2623, and the count crossed 6041 only on Saturday – but then the first line is more dramatic). And to commemorate the occasion, I am releasing the list of my all time Top Ten. Ta Da…

Desperately Searching Meera Nandakumar
I am a Malayalee…

Hey! I got a reply from Vimala Raman!!

Top-Ten Terms

The World According to Garp


New Two Rupee Coin

Looking for ‘Bharathapuzha allenkil Nila


These Mallus…


The Top Ten Posts got 45% of the traffic. Meera single-handedly managed 12.6%.
(Image flicked from Flickr. Thanx Saffanna)

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