I normally don’t watch Surya TV because of its pandi lineage, but a few days ago, because of a technical snag I was forced to, and – pandees, please forgive me – I liked what I saw – a comedy show (I won’t say ‘reality show’, because all shows on TV are reality shows – news, weather, chat, discussions, contests, cricket…the only stuff on TV that has nothing to do with reality is Bollywood. And, of course, DD). OK, back to the show, a thalla explaining to an interviewer payyan how she had not-so-accidentally triggered the Titanic disaster. The payyan is shocked. He breaks down, screams at the thalla, “you killed my parents, do you know who I am, I am Rojan”. (Got it? ROse-JAck. Like MOSI, the best known ambigram in Malluland, from MOlly – SImon, cue CBI theme song). Wow, Subtlety in the Times of Priyadarshan.

Old joke: What is the name of the Shiny – Wilson kid?

That reminds me, Meleparambil Aanveedu is being remade in Hindi with Shiney Ahuja reprising Jagathi’s role, VK-aayirundaalum nee enikku mohavalli thaan.

(3rd para courtesy Sajeev. Return paara: Many years ago, driving through Chennai, Sajeev and I passed an auto with B. SINDHU painted on it. Smirk, only a mallu would name an auto B. Sindhu, said I. Silence. I knew something was wrong, I slowly turned to Sajeev, pasted my besht smile and asked him, What is your wife’s name? Dead pan…S. Bindhu. Boo Haa Haa)