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ചോദ്യം: ആദ്യമായ് എപ്പോഴാണു്‌ താരന്‍ കണ്ടു തുടങ്ങിയതു്‌?

അയ്യോ തറ!


A blackbird singing outside my window woke me up. Switched on the TV, and Michael Jackson’s death was breaking news.

I know all his hits, I like his performances, love the music videos (Thriller directed by John Landis, In The Closet with Naomi Campbell, Jam with Michael Jordan, Black or White which introduced morphing to masses, They Don’t Care About Us directed by Spike Lee, Remember The Time with Eddie Murphy & Magic Johnson), I absolutely adore Will You Be There, the Free Willy theme, which even today transports be back to the magical era when I was a free-wheeling free willy. But I was never a big MJ fan, and the intensity of my grief took me by surprise.

I sat in front of the TV stunned and sad…it was as if somebody we knew and grew up with was no more. I needed to talk to the guys but I was scared words would stick to my throat… I started texting…The King is dead, Long Live the King.

PS: Doesn’t the video links kind of sum his life…Thriller through Remember The Time

Today a long limbed, yellow coloured,
Long haired twenty-something
Punched a hole through my heart –
Made me remember a long limbed,
Yellow coloured, long haired
Twenty-something from yesterday.


I normally don’t watch Surya TV because of its pandi lineage, but a few days ago, because of a technical snag I was forced to, and – pandees, please forgive me – I liked what I saw – a comedy show (I won’t say ‘reality show’, because all shows on TV are reality shows – news, weather, chat, discussions, contests, cricket…the only stuff on TV that has nothing to do with reality is Bollywood. And, of course, DD). OK, back to the show, a thalla explaining to an interviewer payyan how she had not-so-accidentally triggered the Titanic disaster. The payyan is shocked. He breaks down, screams at the thalla, “you killed my parents, do you know who I am, I am Rojan”. (Got it? ROse-JAck. Like MOSI, the best known ambigram in Malluland, from MOlly – SImon, cue CBI theme song). Wow, Subtlety in the Times of Priyadarshan.

Old joke: What is the name of the Shiny – Wilson kid?

That reminds me, Meleparambil Aanveedu is being remade in Hindi with Shiney Ahuja reprising Jagathi’s role, VK-aayirundaalum nee enikku mohavalli thaan.

(3rd para courtesy Sajeev. Return paara: Many years ago, driving through Chennai, Sajeev and I passed an auto with B. SINDHU painted on it. Smirk, only a mallu would name an auto B. Sindhu, said I. Silence. I knew something was wrong, I slowly turned to Sajeev, pasted my besht smile and asked him, What is your wife’s name? Dead pan…S. Bindhu. Boo Haa Haa)


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