KJ Joseph, our STC and Rajagiri batchmate, has published a book, Fail Fast, Move Faster.

Joseph Pally is a graduate of the Indian Institute of Technology, a prestigious engineering school in Madras, India, and holds two post-graduate degrees from Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas, USA.

He is a well-known software scientist, he is credited with the invention of ZCubes and many other advanced software technologies. He is the CEO of ZCubes, Inc., a high-technology company and leads several software companies and institutions. He lives with his small family in Katy, Texas, USA.



“The truly successful ones have the ability to overcome their mistakes, learn from them, and never repeat them again. Fail Fast, Move Faster is all about mistakes and how to handle them. In a world that looks up to success and perfection, the author gives an honest, real-world view of how great things actually happen. Bold, different, innocent, charming, inspiring and fun.” Ashok Rao, CEO & Producer

“Traversing from the tales of intrepid youth to entrepreneur and engaging family man, Fail Fast, Move Faster reminds us all that life is most definitely a magnificent journey. Share joy, sorrow, invigorating failure and success that is merely a stepping stone. There is no destination, take the lessons to heart and bash on, regardless.” Michael Hidalgo, Venture Capitalist.

“Spirited and playful, these little anecdotes hit home the message that in the Colosseum of life every enactment reveals a lesson to the discerning audience.” Radhika Nair, Author

“Wonderful in it’s ability to deeply penetrate complex issues in a refreshingly simple way, this book will bring out the child in every adult and put the adult in every child!” Sundaram Srinivasan, Venture Capitalist, Poet & Author

“The elegance and simplicity in these short stories bring out the beauty of human life. Start believing in good old existence yet again…” Desh Kapoor, Author

“Traveling great distances in time and space, Fail Fast, Move Faster traverses great cultural divides in personal and professional life, with clever wit & humor. Joseph Pally creatively expands lifeʼs simple, real world mistakes into profound fundamental truths. Positive and endearing, yet complex in scope, the authorʼs message is simple: the proper attitude turns every moment & experience in life into a profound learning lesson. As a professional artist & actress from Cochin India, often immersed in dramatic plots of Indian fantasy, I appreciate the authorʼs skill in connecting to any reader by transforming simple real stories into lively, endearing, and poignant life lessons.” Divya Unni, Classical Artist & Actress, Sreepadam.

“Joseph Pally the innovative technocrat, we know. But Joseph Pally, the writer, is a revelation — one of the very few, who can entertain even, as they inspire. The chapters set in his native India ring so true — I know, because I have lived and worked in the same place.” Anand Parthasarathy, Chief Correspondent & Reporter, The Hindu.

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Joseph Pally with yours truly, 1975 (More STC pics here and here)