All this talk about shrinking markets, diminishing returns and shrivelling marketcap seem to have got to the Vimal guy.


Waiting for stimulus, this Christmas season in Kochi. While on the subject, on Pongal day – it is all about timing – I got a mailer from Middle East Artificial Lift Forum (MEALF) 2009.


And a forward about Kodaikanal Villa Retreat’s honey-moon package.

Nice concept, but found on the site something that can perhaps be construed as a disclaimer.


Went for a movie. Horton Hears a Who! I thought the image of the engorged trunk on the poster appeared a little too phallic, and started researching subliminal marketing in the Hollywood. First scoop: the main characters in Toy Story are named Woody and Buzz…woody, buzz, toy…you mean nobody noticed this?


Happy Pongal!