Since everybody and his patti was online last month celebrating the biggest thing to hit Indian television since the advent of colour, I decided the thravadi thing to do was to stay away. Lekin, control nahin hote


So, here goes…A week after the attack, we were in Mumbai for a seminar. Told our cabbie that we wanted to go see the Taj. The guy wasn’t very happy, “udhar mausam thoda kharab hei”…anyway, we did the terror tourism triangle: Oberoi – Taj – Leopold Café, shot a few pics on the mobile and had a pint of the fabled Mumbai spirit.


Next evening. After the seminar. Airport. While walking towards security check, we saw a group of around 20 paramilitary guys crowding the corridor outside a shop. We thought some suspect was being questioned inside, we thought a seige was on…




Though a little tense, we inched up the corridor – this Mumbai spirit is contagious – and peeked into the store to see what was happening inside…and we saw what the cops were all so intently staring at – an old Dharmendra movie playing on a huge LCD screen. BHH.