All newbie bloggers pass through the in-love-with-the-hit-counter phase. At least I did. It took me a few months to realise that the count doesn’t matter, and the important thing is Google Ads cash, and ok, the connections you make online.

Yesterday while checking my stats, i noticed the top ‘Referrer’ was, followed the link and…from their blog…”If you were to comment on a blog right after the webmaster published (updated) it, you would get a faster response, because most likely the webmaster is still online, and shocked to see that someone has commented so quickly.  This is either very simple, or i’m an advanced human.”

Guess it allows readers and bloggers to chat, comments being so off-line. Anyway, i submitted my blog at, and my hit-counter started doing that Kwaja Mere Kwaja thing, very fast.

Thank you Cheru Jackson Blog