I don’t remember the name of the movie…it had this studio whose primary clientele were…shavams. The famous SS. Perhaps the phrase shavam studio was never used in the movie, but for Sangham suddenly everything bad was ‘studio’.

This was during our ‘gross is cool’ phase…leper salute, leper handshake, drinking coffee in Maharaja’s canteen with the two-handed leper grip. (Principal installed a ‘LADIES ONLY’ board in front of the canteen’s smaller hall. A few days later somebody changed the board to ‘LADIES LONELY’ and the guys moved back in)

Last month, I had my shavam studio moment. I dreamed I was dying, I dreamed that my soul rose unexpectedly, And looking back down at me…saw my corpse on the ironing table. I opened my eyes, realised my eyes were open all through, realised that the shavam was real. Bwah!