Empire of the Sun is a top-ten book in my list. The book, which I started reading while travelling to Lonavala for a training programme, kept me occupied through the journey and through the training programme. Unputdownable. (Read the book. The Spielberg movie is too feel good, but I have to admit it, a visual treat)


I bought The Kindness of Women because the blurb claimed it was a sequel to Empire of the Sun. It is actually a novel ‘tightly’ based on the author’s life. Great narrative structure – His story (history?) revealed through accounts of his interactions with the women in his life – mother, nanny, girlfriend, wife, wife’s sister, neighbour, girlfriend, girlfriend…


I am an expert on the kindness of women. Through my adult life I always had around me women who played the role of best friend, confidante, agony aunt, punching bag, anchor, inspiration…but this post is not about them, this post is about blog stats. Last week my page-views crossed 8000, thanks largely to the on-screen and off-screen adventures of Meera Nandan, Vimala Raman, Arya Menon, Anaitha Nair. The kindness of women!