Got up very early, skimmed through the paper, the coffee-maker not showing any signs of waking up, so back to the paper. IIPM’s two-page ad in the Deccan Chronicle highlighting their Global Opportunity & Threat Analysis Program (GOTA), Global Student Exchange Program (GSEP) and Global Outreach Program (GOP). 40 Photographs of “international professors who taught and took exclusive sessions with IIPM students”. I was scanning the gallery for famous faces/names when “ZurPic” hit me. ZurPic? withoutaspace?


Years of working with layout artists told me that ZurPic had to be a file name. (Google proved me right – check out Prof. Zur Shapira’s IIPM page). I was thrilled, this is blog fodder…IIPM vs Blogs all over again…”Blogger Exposes IIPM’s Shoddy Proof-reading Practices”.

Then I did a double-take, am I seeing double, Did I see two photographs of Samuel Craig of Stern School of Business…my eyes are tired, GOTA GOP GSEP some sleep. GBYE.