Last Friday, when I was on 6041 heading to Kochi, my hit counter crossed 6041 (OK, I was on 2623, and the count crossed 6041 only on Saturday – but then the first line is more dramatic). And to commemorate the occasion, I am releasing the list of my all time Top Ten. Ta Da…

Desperately Searching Meera Nandakumar
I am a Malayalee…

Hey! I got a reply from Vimala Raman!!

Top-Ten Terms

The World According to Garp


New Two Rupee Coin

Looking for ‘Bharathapuzha allenkil Nila


These Mallus…


The Top Ten Posts got 45% of the traffic. Meera single-handedly managed 12.6%.
(Image flicked from Flickr. Thanx Saffanna)