I saw a shop in Mylapore that had the R-Com and Vodafone boards, and on both the boards the store name was displayed in fonts that looked strikingly similar. Did R-Com copy the Vodafone font? Which are the fonts used? Does anybody care?

Googling revealed that Vodafone’s is an exclusive font based on the InterFace font, created by Dalton Maag, and R-Com’s is Precious Sans. (Bonus: Websites that mauled the ADAG branding – one, two).

Average Joe Test (Thanks Venky)
(Vodafone in Black, Precious Sans in Blue)

The fonts are different, but viewed from a distance of 15 feet, both look pretty close.

Bonus Bonus: Stumbled upon during my investigations in Mylapore.

Update – The Reliance Mobile Blog TVC jingle is inspired by the gospel song ‘He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands’.