I fell for ICH’s famous MD during my pre-degree days…and I can still remember the first time…on the long table next to the wash.

But ICH was never about food – more than a restaurant, it was a hang out, a haunt, a meeting point and when you couldn’t afford a coffee, a waiting room. During the ’80s, ICH was Sangham HQ.

ICH was…

  • Never-ending bull sessions
  • Top performing Mass with masala dosai and coffee
  • Pattar’s mutton omelette and rose milk (Those were the days, ICS to ICH for breakfast)
  • Post-engineering coffee marathons – 5 tables, 4 hours, 20 guys, 20 coffees
  • The coir carpet, the tiny square tables
  • The photographs – Gandhi, Nehru, AKG
  • The poster – ‘A fine type, A fine coffee – Both are Indian’
  • Bird watching outside Vettukattil, Coffee at ICH, Bird watching outside Vettukattil, Coffee at ICH…
  • Ciggies from Ali-kada (Customer: Oru Week thanne. Ali: Dishum!, BHH)