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Recently we dropped in on Vinu and Sindhu. After the inevitable rounds about family, friends and REC, the talk drifted to movies and movie stars. Sindhu asked me who my fav Tamil actor is and I said ‘Kamalahasan’.

Sindhu: I should have known. You look a bit like him…


Flashback. 1992. I shaved off my mush, and my friend Shobhana was like, “Mallu, you look like Guna”. Wow! Shaving-off-my-mush…and waiting for some guy to go, “You know, you look a bit like Kamal” became an annual ritual for me.

Then one day, mush-less, I entered the office, and the gang went…“Tada Tada Tada Tada…Avvai Shanmukhi…”

(Avvai Shanmukhi = Chachi 420, hence this post qualifies for the ‘Series 42’ stamp given to posts about my fav stuff – thought you would like to know)

I met Pauli, my REC classmate, C 303 roommate and L&T colleague, a few months ago. Couple of rounds, and we couldn’t stop talking about the good old days – the fights, police cases, suspensions, lost friends, lost causes…man, college was serious fun.

Paul was our batch’s diarist, and his diary was more famous than Anne Frank’s. He was an early exponent of magic realism and had a dedicated fan following on campus. For a long time Joef and I contemplated stealing the diaries – that was when we were working on ‘Shaft: The Non-Pol Story’ – too bad we didn’t.

I don’t know if Paul has preserved those diaries (new wife and old diaries don’t mix well). Let me talk to Paul – guess I can work out a deal to syndicate his diaries…or let us hit him with the RTI or something.

Now you know why the Non-Pol story was called Shaft…

Looks like 42 is the new 23.
I suddenly discovered a lot of happy associations with 42…

Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything, John Irving, Casablanca, Summer of 42, 1942 A Love Story, Roger Ebert, Paul McCartney, Guadalcanal, Alleppey Express 6042 and 42″Ball.

Thanks to Hari, Pradeep and Kumaran. The cake and the snap inspired this post.

24 January 2008

“On the seventh day, after marching around the city the seventh time, the priests sounded their ram’s horns, and Joshua ordered the people to shout. The walls of the city collapsed, and the Israelites were able to charge straight into the city.” From The Bible


Last week, I walked through fire, at an office picnic in Mahabs.

“Walk through the gateway of fear! Radically re-evaluate your fears, beliefs and barriers when you discover that you can walk unscathed across a bed of coals in excess of 1200 degrees!” (source)

Click here for more stuff on similar lines or here for the science behind it.

Republic Day 2008. Club House Road, Chennai

REC was a pain. The classes, I mean. And most of us attended only just enough classes to qualify for the exams.

In 4th sem, I bunked so many classes in the beginning, that in the second half, I needed to attend all the remaining classes – and then some – to touch the magical 75% mark. To cut a long story short, thanks to my friends in the various clubs, I managed some duty leave and scraped through.

Attended: 66.12%
Duty Leave: 10.11%
Total: 76.23%.

The drama is all there in my attendance record. The early wickets, the asking-rate piling up, the tail-end heroics, the victory…would make a nice movie…


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