I started this blog six months ago. We had just launched a corporate blog and the positive feedback it received convinced me that i also should publish my – this word is a bloggers’ favourite – musings online. June was good, experimenting, laying the ground-rules, posts on people and places closest to my heart – Sangham, REC, Vonnegut. July was better, lot of passion, lot of posts, and the response from my core audience was excellent.

That scared me. I froze. I couldn’t write.

I started posting stuff from my ‘Stuff’ folder and stuff i found on the Net – Meera Nandakumar, ‘I am a Malayali’, Chak De Mallus… My friends had given up on the blog, but the high that the blog-stats gave me made it easier to ignore the fact.

Not any more. I am going back to my original credo.