Sometimes, when i get this urge to blog, but my brain doesn’t share my enthusiasm, i hit people with my old photo album. Tonight is one of those nights.

On display are my Class III and Class IV pics. I had posted my Class I pic earlier. In fact, i had wanted to post all my St. Teresa’s pics together, but i could not locate the Class II pic, so i posted the Class I pic, went searching for the Class II pic, but…now you know.

Class III D

  • Sister Grace was our Class Teacher
  • Our class was on the second floor, and I spent a lot of time watching hawks ride the thermals over chanda kolam

4th Row: Paulose, Gilbert??, Praveen, Mahesh, Anand, Pradeep??, Paulson, Warren, Justin??, Anil/Sunil??, Joseph, Danny, Kannan
3rd Row: Benny, Sreekumar, Reny??, Ram??, Aju, Leni, Milton, Me, ??, Jayashree (Daughter of Wisdom Maash), ??, ??, ??
2nd Row: Roshni, Sheila, ??, Shanthi, Helen??, ??, Sheeba
Sitting: ??(Milton’s sis?), ??, ??, Nisha, Sheeba??, Teacher??, Sweety, ??, ??, ??

Class IV D

  • Sister Bumbina’s Class

The usual suspects…

Plus Jojo Jose (Rajagiri 1981, Row 5, 7th from left), Shakeel (REC 1987, Row 4, 2nd from right) and Jacob/Varghese (To Shakeel’s left, Benny’s cus).

I would like to hear from my old classmates. In case you know somebody in the pics above, or if YOU are in the pics above, please get in touch with me…

And I would like The Class of ’75 to check out The Class of ’57 by Statler Brothers – Lyrics, Video(tribute )