From Ammankovil Road Archives…

I was in Class I D.
I D-Vandi – that used to be a major gag in those days.
I am in the last row, second from right. The first guy in the row is Praveen PP (Rajagiri ’81). Peter Milton Lopez and Paulose are next to him. In the 4th row, Benny George (Jos Brothers) is 3rd from left and Sreekumar (REC ’87), 8th. The last three guys in the row are Anand, Mahesh (Rajagiri ’81) and the famous Varghese G. Paul.

In the 3rd row, Shanthi is 2nd from left. Roshini is extreme left on row 2 (daughter of Captain Thomas, used to live in Karakkamuri). Seated on the ground, extreme right is Nisha Mukundan (daughter of Dr. Mukundan). The girl next to her is Sweety, who gave me chicken pox when we were in class IV.

Click here for the photo displayed on the noticeboard when I first got first rank in first standard.