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I woke up at 3:00 in the morning, could not go back to sleep, stood on the balcony staring at the morning star – till I realised it was some flight coming in. Revelation, truth, epiphany…things are not what they seem to be, airplanes and pop philosophy, a Richard Bach moment. “Remember that this world is not reality. It’s a playground of appearances on which you practice overcoming seems-to-be with your knowing of what is”.

That is from Bach’s latest, a collection of quotes packaged as the Messiah’s Handbook. A quickie, but I bought it for old time’s sake, and who knows, perhaps he needs the money – divorcing your soulmate is expensive business.

My first Bach was Nothing by Chance. Barnstorming in the Midwest, “Come up with us where only birds and angels fly!”. Biplane, Gift of Wings, Illusions…wow! fan to follower to convert before you can say “Everything in this book may be wrong”. Then came The Bridge across Forever, which I read when I myself was on a soulmate quest. Of course, then it sounded very profound and all that, and not like some teen fantasy – working his way across the country, sampling women…Then came the divorce, and I never forgave him for that.

But I stood by Dick, I bought all the books he wrote. And I hope he will one day realise “You are never given a wish without also being given the power to make it true. You may have to work for it, however”.

Tailpiece: My cousin’s non-mallu girlfriend used to call him “Wookie”, and for a long time she didn’t get it why his friends greeted him with “wookie?

Near Shipyard, Cochin

In July, when mallus had just started planning their vaikittathe paripadees around Idea Star Singer, I posed a question on my blog, “Do you have any dope on Meera Nandakumar?”

Soon I realised there were a lot of guys on the Net who were asking the same question, and many started landing on my blog – I guess mine was the only site then that mentioned Meera Nandakumar and Idea Star Singer together.


By the time Meera started accounting for 20% of the traffic to my site, I decided I had to do something. But Google Search yielded zilch. Google Alerts gave me a lot of updates about some Meera Nandakumar in Cisco. Mallu mags were mum; Mallu mums, mad…


Then Idea Star Singer celebrated their 100th episode and YouTube adopted Meera wholesale…but still no d-o-p-e. Then last week Malayala Manorama, Mangalam and Indian Express ran stories on the kid.


Highlights…Meera is a Class XII student of Bhavan’s Vidya Mandir, Elamakkara. 


Before ISS – where she started as a contestant – she appeared in Jeevan TV’s Star Chat and Family Fun, and Amrita TV Vanitha Ratnam. She has also acted in Veedu, a telefilm. 


Meera’s big screen debut will be in Lal Jose’s Mulla Poovu, with Dileep. Heppy?

From Ammankovil Road Archives…

I was in Class I D.
I D-Vandi – that used to be a major gag in those days.
I am in the last row, second from right. The first guy in the row is Praveen PP (Rajagiri ’81). Peter Milton Lopez and Paulose are next to him. In the 4th row, Benny George (Jos Brothers) is 3rd from left and Sreekumar (REC ’87), 8th. The last three guys in the row are Anand, Mahesh (Rajagiri ’81) and the famous Varghese G. Paul.

In the 3rd row, Shanthi is 2nd from left. Roshini is extreme left on row 2 (daughter of Captain Thomas, used to live in Karakkamuri). Seated on the ground, extreme right is Nisha Mukundan (daughter of Dr. Mukundan). The girl next to her is Sweety, who gave me chicken pox when we were in class IV.

Click here for the photo displayed on the noticeboard when I first got first rank in first standard.

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