It all started when a friend mailed me a link “I have a blog!”. Two days of blogroll surfing, and I was hooked.

The first few days were like, you know, the first few days…unsure, clumsy, self conscious. Then, the first comment “Pretty cool, man”, ecstasy! somebody likes my stuff. I saved the page, printed it, grabbed a screenshot…I am a blogger!

From there, things got out of control pretty fast. My live revolved around the blog. I was spending so much time on the blog that my wife moved out and my biggest dilemma was whether to categorise it ‘Family’ or ‘Fun’. Then I discovered blog stats…

Each hit gave me a new high and the only thing that mattered was the hit count. I would ping Technorati every hour, mail my site address to people I hardly knew, post rave reviews about my blog on random sites, and, I hate to admit this, visit my blog every now and then, just to keep the counter ticking…

Then a fellow addict introduced me to Blogaholics Anonymous. Now, whenever I get the urge to blog, a volunteer from BA would come and sit with me till I feel better.

I am not fully cured yet. All I can say is I haven’t blogged today.