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Manoj Chacko has joined American Express as Head and Vice-President, Business Travel (India & Sub-continent).

Click here for the ET Article. Adipo-Lee.

OK, that was a little excessive, but then i did get a reply from Vimala Raman…

Visit Vimala Raman’s official website.
The site has a huge collection of Vimala Raman pics, movie stills, videos…

1976-77. Class VI or VII. We had a Malayalam text book called ‘Bharathapuzha allenkil Nila Devi’ (I am not very sure about the ‘Devi’ part). It was a travelogue, about a trip down Bharathapuzha, with stop overs at Lakkadi, Cheruthuruthy, Thirunavaya, etc.

I would like to buy a copy of the book. Can you help?

Click here for The Hindu Magazine article on the river.

Photo: S. Ramesh Kurup, The Hindu

ബാബു കുരിയാക്കൊസ്‌ ഇനി ഇടക്ക്‌ മലയാളത്‌തില്‍ ബ്ലൊഗ് ചെയ്യും. സൂക്ഷിക്കുക!

Check out, a ‘Manglish to Malayalam converter’ for more info, including how to make sense of the stuff above.

My thanks to Tess Thomas for the info.

The probability of tailgating a car with the same registration number as yours.

Thousand Lights, Chennai

The search terms that lead people to my blog…

1. Babu Kuriakose
2. The World According to Garp
3. I am a Malayalee (I want to Break Free – Mallu Version)
4. Meera Nandakumar (Idea Star Singer)
5. REC Calicut/ Alumni
6. The Class of 57 – Statler Brothers
7. Calicut
8. New 2 Rupee Coin
9. Mallu/ Mallu Girls
10. Santhosh George, Oracle

It all started when a friend mailed me a link “I have a blog!”. Two days of blogroll surfing, and I was hooked.

The first few days were like, you know, the first few days…unsure, clumsy, self conscious. Then, the first comment “Pretty cool, man”, ecstasy! somebody likes my stuff. I saved the page, printed it, grabbed a screenshot…I am a blogger!

From there, things got out of control pretty fast. My live revolved around the blog. I was spending so much time on the blog that my wife moved out and my biggest dilemma was whether to categorise it ‘Family’ or ‘Fun’. Then I discovered blog stats…

Each hit gave me a new high and the only thing that mattered was the hit count. I would ping Technorati every hour, mail my site address to people I hardly knew, post rave reviews about my blog on random sites, and, I hate to admit this, visit my blog every now and then, just to keep the counter ticking…

Then a fellow addict introduced me to Blogaholics Anonymous. Now, whenever I get the urge to blog, a volunteer from BA would come and sit with me till I feel better.

I am not fully cured yet. All I can say is I haven’t blogged today.

I have been working on this post for ages…

My drafts had character sketches, timelines and countdowns, lurid accounts of our final kamikaze ride; highlighted coincidences, pumped up the drama and blamed fate.

But this accident was not some adventure. It was about sliding into hell. It was about guilt, trauma and nightmares. Coping. Staying sane. Surviving…So no post.

RIP Guys.

(Malayala Manorama)

It started last Friday. On the way to office I saw a girl in a blue-and-pink churidar. Blue and Pink! Reminded me of the saree my cousin’s friend from Fort Kochi wore for her wedding – Blumme Pink.

The next girl I saw also was in blue-and-pink, so was the next, and the next…and this was just the first kilometre. By the time I reached my office (3 km. from home), the B-P girl count was 14, and my BP was like, high.

Luckily the girls in office stuck to their usual earthy shades and did not add to my woes. By evening I had completely forgotten the whole thing, but when I reached our flat, my neighbour’s kid…Pretty in Pink…and Blue.

I took the 6042 to Kochi that night. The journey was uneventful, but Kochi was bad. Vimala Raman in B-P for Alukka’s, B-P store displays in Jose Junction, every other mallu girl sporting the boy-girl-twin-birthday-bash-theme…

All can’t be a coincidence, perhaps the blue and pink dye syndicate is behind it, or the Yanks (you know, a watered-down Red & Blue) or ETs or perhaps I am going crazy…

I went and saw a doc, he assured me that ‘Blue and Pink is the New Black’ and gave me some pills.

I am OK now.

Somebody who has, at home, Dahlia Flowers, Dalmation Dogs and a Divorced Daughter.

Overheard in Kochi. I Googled for the source and stumbled upon a quote by Craig Hosmer, US Representative,
Republicans raise dahlias, Dalmations and eyebrows.
Democrats raise Airedales, kids and taxes”

From the last word by gordon haff, for a collection of quotations “with a political slant”

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