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Some friends of mine from Chennai went to Sabarimala last year. Late in the night, on the way to the temple, while all the swamis were asleep, there was this burning smell and the mallu driver stopped the van.

He opened the bonnet and found a coil had short-circuited. One by the one, the swamis woke up, and the guru swami asked the driver, “Ennachu?”

The mallu replied “Coil erinjitte!”

“Andava! Koil erinjidicha!! Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa!!!”

He He

Jim Carrey’s ‘the number 23’, a movie about a guy’s obsession with the number 23, brought back memories of my own obsession with 23. My birthdate is 23, and according to numerology, all the important events in my life are linked to the number 23 or 14 or 5.

I had drawn up a long list then, let me see if I create a list of at least 14 now…

  • Born on 23rd January 1966
  • The 23rd kid of my generation on the paternal side, 5th on the maternal side
  • SSLC marks – 509
  • Pre-degree marks – 423 (we’ll bend the rules a little here)
  • Roll Nos. in School and College – 5 and 14
  • REC – 23rd batch
  • Last two exams on 14th and 23rd
  • REC’s phone no. then was 23 – yes! (see for yourself)
  • Reached Chennai on 14 August 1989
  • Quit Ashok Leyland on 14 October 1993
  • L&T Interview – 14 August 1993
  • Got married at 32, Annie was 23 then
  • Rohan born on 14 August 1998
  • This is my 14th year in L&T…

Luckily, my obsession with 23 wore off pretty quickly. But number 8 was something else…

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