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Read the British Airways hoarding first…

A blog, everybody says, is supposed to reveal your inner self.
So here goes…

Manoj, who today stirs his cuppa with an aircraft model, (see ET article) used to work with us, many years ago. He was a major fan of Bruce Lee jokes (you know, Bruce Lee likes Id-Lee, loves Sona-Lee, is a Malaya-Lee…) and has compiled the ultimate Bruce Lee collection, with a little help from yours tru-Lee.

Check it out.

‘Outside-REC’ Admission Season. We had to apply to the University for confidential marksheets – and we didn’t know how to. A ‘friend’ of ours volunteered to go to Trivandrum and find out. But as there was no news from the guy even after a week – and as time was running out – Biju, Pattar and I decided to go to Trivandrum…

From the station, we bought a pack of Charms. Its denim pack and the launch campaign were already huge hits (Charms is the spirit of freedom, Charms is the way you are). But the cigarette was horrible and we distributed it among to our co-passengers – at least we had the pleasure of seeing them squirm, trying hard to be polite and not throw it away too soon…

We finished our work in the university, had a good time in the city for two days and by the time we started back, we were so broke we didn’t have money even for ciggies.

The train to Cochin was packed and we ended up sitting on floor near the door. From Quilon, one fisherman got in with his nets and stuff, settled down near us, lit a beedi, took a long puff and exhaled luxuriously…and that was more than we could stand. To cut a long story short, we bummed a beedi from the bum, and take it from me, tobacco never tasted better.

I love books on bands and have over the years acquired many Rock histories, encyclopaedias, biographies, guides and a big collection on The Beatles.

Biju’s Oldies (from Connection Mathai) kicked off my Beatlemania 27 years ago. And as my love for the Beatles sound increased so did my passion for everything Beatles – I read the authorised biography as well as books that proudly proclaimed ‘No Beatle was interviewed in the writing of this book’ – and everything in between; I read the interviews & gossip, hagiographies & hatchet jobs, analysis, reviews, critiques; I collected photographs, album artworks, commemorative stamps…

Been a magical mystery tour, and I loved it.
I guess, “the love you take is equal to the love you make”…

I am celebrating 1000 hits on the blog…
It is your interest that has sustained me
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