In the beginning there was ragging. Then suspension and samaram. The college authorities refused to budge and the students decided to storm the DB.

Next scene. Exterior. REC campus. Mid-morning. Students being chased and pummelled by cops. Cut.

We regrouped in our hostels, built barricades, laid traps, locked the gates and waited for the attack…Then the cops left the campus, and the students celebrated by wrecking the workshops and labs (Sometimes, I guess there just aren’t enough rocks. Ask Forrest Gump). When the adrenalin subsided we sneaked out through B Hostel kitchen, scaled the wall, stopped a passing bus and left for Calicut.

Guess Shakeel and Sreeku were with me. Our plan was to take the night train to Cochin. A lot of time to kill, instead of hanging around the railway station – who will chat with Mech guys, anyway? – we decided to go for a movie…After we left, the cops came and rounded up all RECC-ians waiting in the railway station. Earlier, all the guys who stayed back in the hostels had been taken into custody.

We were lucky to escape on that day. But we took many years to exorcise the demons spawned that day…