Top corporates in India were invited for the Monkey Challenge 2007. Round I – there was a monkey seated on the dais and everybody was asked to make it laugh. Infy, TCS, etc. tried, no success. Guys from _____ (insert your company name here) whispered something in the monkey’s ear and the monkey guffawed its head off. Round II, the challenge was to make the monkey cry. Infy, TCS, etc. ditto. My company successful again. Third round. The task was to make the monkey run off. Other companies drew a blank again. Our guys spoke to the monkey, and it just vanished.

Everybody wanted to know what our guys had told the monkey.

“In the first round, we told the monkey we are working for _______, in the second round we told them our salary”

And in the last round? “We told the monkey we are hiring”

Story contributed by Biju. I had a small session with Biju and Bobby this Sunday. Wish you were there.