I lived in Perambur with Chacko, Biju, Puthu and Chacko’s dog (the last few months) during 1993-94. Rakesh also stayed with us for a few months.

I had had some crazy highs and crazy lows in Perambur, and today, i look back upon the days we spent there with much fondness. Perambur was in many ways an utopian experiment – there were no rules and there were no limits. And naturally, our flat was a big time party hub – Ani, Jose, Pattar, Aliyan Rakesh and Unni are the regulars i remember, and the entire Cochin gang, including Biju, Bobby, Diji and TV, has jammed with us during Perambur’s halcyon days. And once, the ENTIRE Cochin gang landed up in Perambur together – that was for the Jethro Tull concert – and that in many ways, spelled the end of Perambur as we had come to love.