In October 1987, eight of us planned a trip to Kodai via Munnar & Top Station. The operation was top secret – we didn’t tell our people we were biking to Kodai. We packed our stuff and met at BTH (My parents were told we were going to Kottayam to meet Chicku – REC 1988, more about him later).

BTH, waiting for the gang to assemble

I don’t remember who, but one of the bikers didn’t turn up. So it was seven guys & three bikes – one of us had to drop out, and nobody wanted to. So we decided to ride triples on Biju’s RD 350!

Beginning of the Ghat section
The Se7en – Biju, Top, Raman, Fanny, Ani and sitting, Rojo & I
(Fanny passed away last year, RIP)


Hairpin near Munnar, After the First Crash.
Check out the tear in Biju’s jeans

(The backpack on Rojo is Paramu’s, u will be hearing more about him soon)

Top Slip. My fav photo

Roads were bad, but no so bad…

Rain & Slush. After a few spills, nobody wants to ride…

I do not have any photographic record of the next few hours (If i had taken the camera out, i would have got hit)
On the forest roads between Top Station and Kodai, it was dark and raining, Raman & Ani crash, and one by one the head lights of all three bikes conk off.
We managed the last stretch on the nurungu vettam of 350’s turn indicator.

Outskirts of Kodai. The worst is behind us.

Warmth, Food, Kodai

It was a Gandhi Jayanti-Puja weekend, and Kodai was packed. We ended up spending the night in a bunglow’s annexe some 15 km away from Kodai, and all we could manage was one room, and one bed.

Yes, this bed…

But we had a blast there, jamming late into the night till the guy from next room (a judge, we were told) made us shut up.

The morning after

Trying to top Top! Mookkan & a friend of Biju’s from Palghat join the fun.

Go to Cochin!

One the way back, a late lunch at Diana

Finishing Point. Caravan.

We did 550 km in 36 hours, seven guys on three bikes. Vintage Sangham Stuff.

One year later, we did it again, 14 guys on seven bikes. But then, that’s another story…